Due to a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, we start raising funds to support our country. Ukraine needs our help now as it never did before!

Below you will find a list of accounts where you can transfer your help. Friends, we recommend using these accounts. When transferring money to other accounts, you need to be sure that the money will go to the stated purpose. Please do not transfer money to people you do not know.

❗️ Highest priority ❗️

National Bank of Ukraine fundraising Account (US dollars, Euro, Pound sterling, Hryvnia):

  • for Humanitarian Assistance to Ukrainians Affected by Russia’s Aggression – via the link
  • for Ukraine’s Armed Forces – via the link

Please transfer funds to the account of the National Bank of Ukraine. Use other accounts if you cannot send money to the National Bank’s account.

✅ Charity foundation ‘Come back alive’ — support of Ukraine’s Armed Forces: https://savelife.in.ua/en/donate/

✅ Donation via Danish organization Faino (all kinds of help): Reg: 9570 Konto: 11678203

✅ Donation via Danish humanitarian organization ‘Bevar Ukraine’ (humanitarian help only):

✅ Bevar PayPal: