A number of organizations and private companies offer “free things” for newly arrived Ukrainians.

“Ukrainian shops”: Typically established by volunteers who are also involved in collecting aid to be sent to Ukraine. The shops, therefore function both as a collection point for aid collected to Ukrainian refugees and soldiers in Ukraine and as a “shop” where newly arrived Ukrainians can get free clothes, shoes, kitchen utilities, kids toys, etc. As a newly arrived Ukrainian, you are able to volunteer to work in the shop, sorting clothes and helping the other newly arrived.

“Stop Waste Locally”: (Stop Spild Lokalt): An organization devoted to reducing the enormous waste of food in Denmark. They receive food in huge quantities from danish supermarkets and give it away to people with limited resources. The food is typically very close to the expiration date, or past the “best before date”. “Best before” is a Danish definition introduced, defining when food tastes well (before date) and when it becomes “eatable but with reduced flavor”: It is like drinking coffee with is no longer warm… not as good as when it was warm, but drinkable – if you are thirsty.

Red Cross (Røde Kors): Many of their second-hand shops offer a gift card for their shop of 200 DKK. Here you can find clothes, shoes, kitchen utilities, electronics, etc.
35 29 96 60
35 29 96 99

Private companies: Some private companies are offering their products or services free of charge, typically only for the newly arrived Ukrainians in the local area. Please respect their wish to help only those who live in their own local area.