ECCO must stop funding war in Ukraine!

Ecco please pull out of Putin’s war machine! Ecco must stop funding Russia’s war in Ukraine!
International companies that continue to pay taxes in Russia are sponsors of the war. Their money goes to bullets and bombs, mines and tanks. Every investor in war is responsible for death and destruction.
The aggressor lives at the expense of those for whom money is more important than life and principles. But if we do not stop Russia today, we will all have to pay a much higher price tomorrow!
Europe imposed sanctions and united in its position against the invaders. This is the least the world can do. Those still working in Russia must clearly understand the results and consequences of their choices! We protest against partners.
We call for a boycott of everyone who still have business in Russia. Thousands of other companies are withdrawing from Russia to stop sponsor that war machine. But Ecoo remains 250 stores open in Russia, claiming they have to protect 1800 Russian employees.
While, only in Mariupol, double of that were killed only in March and much more are facing death right now. Of course, people in Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Sumy can’t buy ecco anymore. While Russians still do and that money fund Putin’s war machine. Which is worse – that your Russian employees, who silently support Putin, lose their jobs, or that Ukrainian children and women lose their lives?
Boycott Ecco before withdrawing from Russia. And do not buy their goods. They must choose on which side of war they are. Ecco shows Denmark that you are a responsible Danish company and does not pay for Russians bombs. Withdraw from Russia now! Ecco, you can save Ukrainian lives by stopping financing war in Rulsand! STOP IT NOW! We will remember everything! 🇺🇦

The event is finished.


Mar 31 2022


16:00 - 18:00



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