Information for Ukrainian refugees to Denmark as of 1 March. There are buses with Danish flags standing on border crossing points. People taking these buses can travel to a camp in Sandholmlejren or reach people they know in Denmark. They have a right to stay in Denmark for 90 days as well as to extend this term for 90 more days upon prior registration at Borgerservice.

If people want to register as refugees, they need to contact the police. But we have been informed by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and SIRI that the respective mechanism for the registration and legalization is currently under development. Medical care will be provided for free to the holders of Ukrainian passports. In case of a problem, you can also contact the hospitals of the Red Cross in Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Odense.

The Coordination headquarters already have a list of 500 people who are ready to accommodate Ukrainians.

Responsible persons:
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